Under Cover Agent Police Officer

Under cover agent Police officer

(Under Cover Agent Police Officer)This story starts from a highway where the hero of the story (Vishal) who is selfish and a criminal and in front of him his lover was standing who is the heroine of the story (Vinita Ranawat). with Vinita her classmate was there named (Ajay Sharma) who is a nice person and Vinita’s friend.
And back of Vishal his car camper was standing in which his friends were sitting, who are also same as Vishal.

Under cover agent Police officer

In Vinita’s hand one suitcase was there and she was going to go only but then Vishal says to Vinita…. I will be waiting for you. Then Vinita says that it will be good for you to not to remember me. And after saying this Vinita goes and just take her flight and goes to uttrakhand.

Vishal listens to her and got emotional and goes with his friends in his car,Vishal speciality was this that he would hide his emotion from everyone. He was so was sad that his lover went away from him but then also Vishal waits for her.

When Vinita was sitting in the flight then her friend ajay asks her that they both used to love each other. Vishal is also a good guy from his heart then why have you left him. Then Vinita says that we are friends of childhood and grew up at same village. More than Vishal I used to love Vishal’s heart. I used to like one habit of Vishal that he used to help others and is helping. But he never thought of himself not made his career. Only he used to do solution of others problem. He was a very good guy so I also started liking him. He used to love me from so beginning but from only love we can’t fulfil our daily need. I wasn’t having any problem with his behavior but he wasn’t doing any work and not looking future. He lived with his some gangster friends and became a bad guy and many cases was filed against him.

Then ajay says that he never thought of his family.
Then Vinita says that one time he went to Delhi for doing engineering. Then I was the most happy that Vishal would become engineer. He would make our life better. But what to do he was very angry minded. At their also he started fighting and came back in 3 years and left engineering. And came here and started doing rubbish things. When he needed money he started to join gangs. This is Shekhawati at here murders are doing murder and it is common at here. Then Vishal also did murder for money of a man and from then , man started to joining him and he became a criminal.

“Then you only tell that how can I love a criminal “says Vinita. Anything anywhere happens to him then. Today is killing two people and and God not to do so if anybody does any harm to him then.

Vishal was not going to get better but I continued my studies and selected in UPSC exam and now I am going to become an IAS officer.
Ajay and Vinita reaches Uttrakhand for the training of IPS officer. They both study together and clear the exam of UPSC.

Vinita and Ajay used to come always top in the test but there was one more officer named Vikram used to come talk with them. They are all three became good friends.

Another good thing was that the all of three got posting in one of the specific areas in Uttarakhand. And Vishal became great gangster. And crime was increasing rapidly in Shekhawati. in all India after Haryana Shekhawati was the only reason in which gang war was in rapidly increasing.the criminals outside the country also used to come to Shekhawati for doing crimes and join gangs. This work was going on for many years.

Uttrakhand Vinita and Vikram became very much good friends and Vinita started to love Vikram. They both started to spending more time because their posting was in one area only. Vinita started to live with Vikram at night and also sleep together. Many things were happening between both of them.

At here Vishal was waiting for Vinita but Vinita was doing sex with Vikram .

Vishal was waiting at there for Vinita but Vinita was living and spending time with Vikram.
And it here police caught to Vishal and sent him to jail because crime was rapidly increasing in Shekhawati.

And there Indian government made IPS officer team in which Vinita Ranawat, Vikram Singh and Ajay Sharma was included. They were given three months training. And they were taught that an undercover agent is one of those who can do anything for his country without worrying of his life.they were taught in that operation that not only in India but many agents was provided around whole the world. We are getting each second information from them. You will be also helped by some undercover agent.

In operation it is told that Vinita Ranawat Vikram Singh and Ajay Sharma are put on duty in uniform at Shekhawati.They were told that in this operation they will be helped by an undercover agent who is the one of the most intelligent undercover agent ACP Vishal Saini.

Then Vinita Ranawat gets shocked that how we it can be there. Ciaz to her senior officers that how it can be there is a criminal.

Then she is told that he is not a criminal is on duty officer. When officer Vishal Saini was in training then he was so intelligent that he was directly send to Kolkata for posting. In one year did 80 encounters. I can just come back by taking risk near to death.then government decided that to Vishal Saini they would keep a secret undercover agent. You wouldn’t be given salary and not there would be any prove that he was a police officer. And if at any case he would died then he would not be named as police officer and would not be given respect. He would be considered as a simple man died. And till how much is alive he will be doing his duty for the country.

And Indian government given the decision. And then without giving any reason he has accepted the decision given by the government. These are our Indian undercover agents.

We are proud to have an officer like that because of these offices whole India sleep safely. We salute these proud and fearless officer.

Then Vikram ask that in present time where is he? Then officer says he is in jail now. Vikram why he is in jail?..

in the officer says that tomorrow police will take a terrorist into the court before going to the court I will kill him in jail only. That’s why he went to jail. Then Ajay Sharma says that police will kill him in encounter then.

Then officer say that it is the problem of Vishal not ours. He knows what he need to do and what he don’t need to. We don’t need to teach him.

All of the three Vinita Ranawat, Vikram Singh and Ajay Sharma got their posting in Shekhawati city.

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Story By :- Writer Mahesh Saini

Under cover agent Police officer

Under cover agent Police officer

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