Rangbaz Two Lover Incomplete Story

Rangbaz Two Lover Incomplete Story

Rangbaz Two Lover Incomplete Story

(Two Lover Incomplete Story) An incomplete story of two lovers which was suppressed in the pages of history itself, no one knew where did he come from, and where did they go. Love story of them only remanded confined in the pages of history.

“Samrat”, a 17 year old boy whose heart-beat was settled in a village girl, Samrat is not rich with money, but the heart of Samrat is so big. that the world can also be put on the claim for Priya.

Priya is most beautiful girl in the world for Samrat, because Samrat love’s Priya, Both of they can do anything for each-other.

Relatives of Priya hate Samrat, because he is vagabond and don’t even do anything else. He keeps wandering here and there day or night. He even doesn’t have any dream..! Neither does he prepare nor study anyone.

Samrat left his study incomplete, because there was a problem in his house. Since then he had spent some time of his life in his field. His father is a farmer, So Samrat had become very much attached to the farmer since childhood.

Samrat and Priya both meet more during the night. Because the family of Priya didn’t see them, but sometime’s Priya’s mom came to know. And Priya was beaten with neem stick. Priya still used to go to meet the Samrat. Because Priya cannot live without Samrat.

Priya trusts the Samrat most in her life, because the Samrat is her love.

When Samrat does not meet Priya at night, Priya talks to Samrat on the phone during the day. But Priya’s first answer is that you will not call me. I Will always do, because the Phone is from my mother. If you do then the mother will know so I will only do.

One day Samrat told Priya on the phone, that what is your dream..? So she said that you cannot fulfill. So let it be go, So Samrat said, tell me one, what should I do once I complete the dream.

Then she said let it be friend, now tell me what is your dream..? Then Samrat said, my dream is that I want to marry you…!  So Priya said your dream will be only dream….!  You can see another dream. Samrat said, my ambition of life is to Archive  you, so will I do not fulfill my dream….?  Anyway I have only one dream of my life, and I will fulfill it, then both of they started laughing.

Rangbaz Two Lover Incomplete Story

Such time was going on. and life of Samrat was going in the love of Priya. Samrat didn’t care whatever the people think about him, one day, Priya ask Samrat for help. Samrat always used to help of people of the village. So, this time Priya asked him for help. So why do not he helped her. Because she is the life, love charm of Samrat.

Samrat helped Priya. and Priya gave him a little smile in return. Whereby he got so happy, that Samrat gave party to whole village. Samrat was more vagabond.  like this nither studying at all, was not looking at work only he was losting in the love of Priya.

The mother of Priya, adviced her to stay away from Samrat. Because Samrat was spending his lot of time with the people of village. Whereby, people of village were getting more vagabond, so there home members adviced their children to stay away from him. Some people of the village who hated Samrat. Slowly slowly people had given the wrong advice about Samrat to the mothe of Priya. That he is a bad boy, he is trying to implicate your dream Priya.

Rangbaz Two Lover Incomplete Story

No one could see the love of Priya and Samrat, only all people got hate of Samrat. But Samrat didn’t mind that what are people thinking about him. Samrat only believed in his Love. The family of Priya, dissolved poison in the ear of Priya. Than Priya was slowly getting away from the Samrat. Samrat manage’s his fields and tries to meet Priya as much as he can. But Priya and Samrat met other or talked to each other by phone. Then Samrat becomes so happy that there is no place for happiness.

Phone talk stopped in a few days. And time passed slowly slowly. Priya started hating Samrat. Because the ear of Priya are full. The Samrat used to occasionally stand and watch Priya. From a distance, but seeing the Samrat he used to turn his face as if his enemy was standing in front of him. One more year had passed. And one day, Priya wrote a letter to the Samrat. In which it was written that the “Samrat”…! I need your help.! There is a boy who is from another village. Who have been bothering me for a long time, and now have started threating . Please man, please convince him and stop following me.”

So Samrat had found the boy by morning, and said him on the phone that “son, left to chase Priya. Otherwise it won’t be good for you”. But that boy was no less. He was the son of “sarpanch” so he had also made an open challenge that “if you have Courage, Come and meet Outside the Village tonight, and I will break you”. But what to do, Samrat was also Samrat. Samrat called his childhood friend “brother shekhu”.

Brother shekhu was the biggest history-sheeter of village. Samrat had planned to kill the Sarpanch’s son, not breaking him. And the other side, that boy Stood with 15-20 men outside the village. He was the son of “Sarpanch” it was common for him, to bring vehicle and 15-20 men together.

But Samrat was no less brother shekhu, and Samrat also had Gun’s. To kill Sarpanch’s son. But Priya didn’t know that Samrat was going to kill that boy. Samrat was about to leave the village at 8 o’clock in the night, then suddenly priya’s call came. She said once came out of my house, and met where We used to meet earlier. Hearing this, Samrat heart started to burst into tear’s, and he was so happy that my beloved i.e. my love is calling me.

Samrat left everything and went to the beloved. Samrat was so happy that the Samrat was just looking at her. Samrat felt as if the love of the Samrat had been refunded with the Samrat. Priya tells the “Samrat not to scare her. He is my classmate and also studies with me. Don’t do anything to him”. and Priya left from there.

Samrat stood there, there was a thing going on in the Samrat’s mind. why….? That’s when brother shekhu called and said, where are you “brother”….? Then Samrat told him the same thing. “Friend , that is a story that will go on, i tell that story, then ended”. Samrat cried for the first time in his life. At night, that he could not sleep all night.

Two days letter, priya’s family came to know about the boy, that he is harrassing Priya. Priya’s father called Samrat and went to his boy’s village. Priya’s father knew that Samrat is the only boy who can fight alone from all over the villagers. Priya’s father knew that Samrat love’s Priya. It is okay to take Samrat with him. As soon he reached his house, the Samrat understood that all the matter was that Priya and Sarpanch’s son loved with each other. Because of what you heard both of they had break-up. Then the boy took this thing on heart of himself. Then boy started harrassing Priya. But Priya loved him even then.

After seeing all this, priya’s father started slapping the boy in anger. And then starting abusing Priya. Priya was sitting there. She didn’t dare to stand up. he couldn’t under stand anything. That, “what should i do”. the empire of the Samrat came to an end that day.

Next night Samrat went to priya’s house. And took priya to the room, Samrat had a habit from childhood, that whenever he used to talk to Priya, he used to hold handse of Priya. But, that night Samrat came to talk to Priya, then hand’s of Samrat were trembling that night, whatever the Samrat told Priya, he was shaking his heart, not the Samrat.

 Samrat said that “it was my fault”. then priya said, “what was wrong with you friend. You belived in your love. The mistake is mine, which came in all these Talks.

Samrat said that “your smile is very sweet friend, straight to heart”. Then Priya said that “everyone says the same”. So Samrat said “means,….?’ .Then Priya said “everyone says that my smile is so sweet”. Samrat went from there, keeping his hand on. priya couldn’t understand what the Samrat was trying to say.

As soon as down, Priya started looking for the Samrat, but could not find him. It had been a long time, but Samrat’s address was missing. Samrat left from same night and never returned…..!!!!!!

Samrat had Just came that night, to say that “what he had heard about me from people, that did not even look once you turned me “was it such a bad Though of the world”. Once would ask me, how i was”.

 many years have passed but no one has even known where he is in what condition, either alive or died. This matter was only buried in the pages of history..

Rangbaz Two Lover Incomplete Story Rangbaz Two Lover Incomplete Story

Story By :- Writer Mahesh Saini

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