Organization Meaning In Hindi

Organization Meaning In Hindi

Organization Meaning In Hindi

The word “Organization” meaning in Hindi is :- “संगठन” .!

The Such as a company, an institution, or an association, comprising one or more people and having a particular purpose.

The word is derived from the Greek word organon, which means tool or instrument, musical instrument, and organ.

Projects might be organized by products, regions, customer types, or some other schemes.

juries are also used in athletic contests, book awards and similar activities. Sometimes a selection committee functions like a jury.

There are a variety of legal types of organizations, including
non-governmental organizations,
political organizations,
international organizations,
armed forces,
not-for-profit corporations,
cooperatives, and
educational institutions etc.

These consist of a group of peers who decide as a group, perhaps by voting.

Organization Meaning In Hindi


The pharmaceutical company “GlaxoSmithKline” talks about functioning as this type of organization in this external article from The Guardian.


A hybrid organization is a body that operates in both the public sector and the private sector simultaneously, fulfilling public duties and developing commercial market activities.

Condorcet’s jury theorem proved that if the average member votes better than a roll of dice, then adding more members increases the number of majorities that can come to a correct vote.

A voluntary association is an organization consisting of volunteers.

Such organizations may be able to operate without legal formalities, depending on jurisdiction.


This organizational type assigns each worker two bosses in two different hierarchies.

It including informal clubs or coordinating bodies with a goal in mind which they may express in the form of an manifesto, mission statement, or in an informal manner reflected in what they do because remember every action done by an organization both legal and illegal reflects a goal in mind.

A Company might have an individual with overall responsibility for products X and Y, and another individual with overall responsibility for engineering, quality control, etc.

Organizations may also operate secretly or illegally in the case of secret societies, criminal organizations and resistance movements.

And in some cases may have obstacles from other organizations but what makes an organization an organization is not the paperwork that makes it official but to be an organization there must be four things:

Organization Meaning In Hindi

• A goal in mind

• A leader or committee making the decision

• Action involved

• Communication and members.

Compare the concept of social groups, which may include non-organizations.

Organizations and institutions can be synonymous, but Jack Knight writes that organizations are a narrow version of institutions or represent a cluster of institutions.

the two are distinct in the sense that organizations contain internal institutions (that govern interactions between the members of the organizations).

The study of organizations includes a focus on optimising organizational structure. According to management science, most human organizations fall roughly into four types:

Committees or juries
Matrix organizations
Pyramids or hierarchies

Organization Meaning In Hindi



Committees or juries :-


The difference between a jury and a committee is that the members of the committee are usually assigned to perform or lead further actions after the group comes to a decision, whereas members of a jury come to a decision.




In the Middle Ages, juries in continental Europe were used to determine the law according to consensus among local notables.


In common law countries, legal juries render decisions of guilt, liability and quantify damages.

This organizational structure promotes internal competition.


Committees are often the most reliable way to make decisions.

Everybody is paid for what they actually do, and so runs a tiny business that has to show a profit, or they are fired.

Companies who utilize this organization type reflect a rather one-sided view of what goes on in ecology.

Organization Meaning In Hindi


Pyramids or hierarchical :-

A hierarchy exemplifies an arrangement with a leader who leads other individual members of the organization.

The other direction is “executive” and tries to get projects completed using the experts.

Hierarchies were satirized in The Peter Principle (1969), a book that introduced hierarchiology and the saying that “in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.”


Parliamentary procedure, such as Robert’s Rules of Order, helps prevent committees from engaging in lengthy discussions without reaching decisions.

Inefficient components of the organization starve, while effective ones get more work.

The United States aerospace industries were first to officially use this organizational structure after it emerged in the early 1960s.

The one can imagine that if the leader does not have the support of his subordinates, the entire structure will collapse.

Organization Meaning In Hindi


This arrangement is often associated with basis that there are enough imagine a real pyramid, if there are not enough stone blocks to hold up the higher ones, gravity would irrevocably bring down the monumental structure.

Therefore, subordinates responsible for quality control of project X will have two reporting lines.


One hierarchy is “functional” and assures that each type of expert in the organization is well-trained, and measured by a boss who is super-expert in the same field.


It is also the case that a natural ecosystem has a natural border – ecoregions do not, in general, compete with one another in any way, but are very autonomous.

Organization Meaning In Hindi




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