NOC Full Form – No Objection Certificate

NOC Full Form

NOC Full Form – No Objection Certificate

The word “NOC” is stand for “Non Objection Certificate”, it popularly abbreviated as NOC.

is a type of legal certificate issued by any agency, organization, institute or, in certain cases, an individual.

The first Edition of the NOC was published in 1992, and a Second Revised Edition was offered in 2001.

The NOC: No Objection Certificate or non objection certificate.

It does not object to the covenants of the certificate.

The certification is a requirement at most government-based departments predominantly from the Indian subcontinent.

Examples    of "NOC"

eg.Travel purpose    :-

The “All Indian nationals”, are staying / working in Nepal require a “NOC” before flying to any third country for the first time from Nepal.

The applicant should come personally to the Embassy with the Original Passport, original Indian Registration Certificate, along with photocopy copies of the same;

Copy of the ticket and valid visa;

NOC Full Form – No Objection Certificate

Two passport size photographs;

Rs. 1000/- as Consular fees for issuing the NOC.

The requirement for providing the “NOC” by the Consular Wing of the Embassy is as under:

The Embassy provides the “NOC” to only those Indians who are staying / working in Nepal and are Registered as “Indian nationals” with the Embassy.

If They should approach the Embassy one or two days prior to their departure for the third country.

It is a type of legal certificate or document which is issued by an agency, or an organization, or
institute, to say that they have no objection to the details mentioned in the document.

The NOC contains the details of the parties involved, and it is addressed to whosoever is concerned.

It can be used for or against in the court of law.

The Most of the government organizations require this certification.

It may be used for a lawsuit, employment, trade, immigration, and similar purposes to nullify any objection by the party concerned in the process.

The NOC is used by students, workers, employers, career and vocational counsellors, educational and training organizations.

NOC Full Form – No Objection Certificate

Further minor revisions were made in 2006.

The 2011 revision combined the variation National Occupational Classification for Statistics (NOC-S) and the 2006 NOC version into one system with structural changes.

The NOC supersedes the Canadian Classification Dictionary of Occupations (C.C.D.O.), which was published by HRSDC in 1981.

The “N.O.C.” Judgements :-

In the case of “M.C. Mehta” vs ”Union Of India” & Ors on 18 March, 2004

The Regulatory procedures like the No Objection Certificate (NOC) granted by authorities to the mine owners.

  1. Evidence of land.
    some of the key conditions laid down in the NOCs. There was clear evidence of violation of the following conditions.

The 2016 revision was minor and the NOC content is now continually updated; however its structure is set to be revised every 10 years.

It is available online. The 2021 version will be a structural revision.

NOC Full Form – No Objection Certificate

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