Life Story Of A Vagabond In English

Life Story Of A Vagabond In English

(Life Story Of A Vagabond In English) A 18 year old boy who always lives in his village. His father wanted him to be a kabbadi player. But he has a different hobby of bodybuilding.

This boy has a black colour neck and keeps name on his t-shirt named Choudhary full name Dharam Choudhary. Dipu a friend of Dharam and a sister of him who is lovely daughter of dharam’s father named Babita also wants her brother to leave dadagiri and live a good life.

Dharma believes that  to build a body and do dadagiri in village is everything in  village

And one day when he was doing dadagiri in village and then a coach of kabbadi observes him and thought that this was different from other. The coach went to Dharma’s house and talks his father said that this boy can become a kabbadi player. Send him to me . I will make him a national champion. It will  create a new life for him.

When Dharma comes at home in the evening. Then his father explains him to become a kabbadi player and make my name in the society Dharma asked who said this to you? Then Dharma’s father tells him that kabbadi coach has came at home today and said that he will make my son a national champion . Oo this is the matter .ok let me met to the coach and says come on deep let’s go.

Dharma and dipu went to the coach saheb and gave him 4-5 slaps and dharma says from back that if he comes back to his home with the name of kabbadi he will break his legs came here to make kabbadi player go from here.

After 2 days , Dharma’s father got to know that Dharma slapped Coach saheb . Dharma’s father just got angry on Dharma and says that as you’re growing old, you’re  spoiled day by day. What do you want to do in your life. Then Dharma tells with the smile on his face ” I wanna build body”. And then dharma’s father gives him slap and says when you will be serious in your life. Back Dharm replies that” I will not play”. Dharma father said that I will die then you would play. Again Dharma says in anger that I will not play even after you die. All this Dharma goes from their father of Dharma says from  behind that you will not fire my dead body at funeral also. Dharma started to go and then  near the gate his  sister tries to stop him but he give slap to her sister and she falls on the ground and then Dharma goes from there.

On the next day Dharma and deep were disturbing to coach, when a man come in the village and says to Dharma that you are here your father’s dead body is at funeral.

Dharma gets a little bit nervous and run straight to the crematorium . There was his father’s Corpse resides and Dharma is about to fire his father’s dead body and then Babita slap to him and says you have no right to fire.

Then Dharma sits there and starts crying and people says that though the son was alive but he could not fire his father funeral pyre. What an unfortunate son. The fire had to be given to a girl and all the people goes to home. But the son was still crying there.

After dawn, Dharma tells deepu that he will play Kabaddi. And Dharma goes to Coach Sahib’s house and tells Coach Sahib that I want to play Kabaddi. So what I do the coach  Saheb replied. So dharma Says you teach me how to play Kabaddi.

Then the coach says that I can’t teach you.

So dharma begs coach . The coach was very kind and he gets ready to teach him Kabaddi.

Deepu says that will Dharma have to do now. So the coach says, first cut his hair and the coach goes by saying so. Then Dharma says to deepu, “Have you got your hair cut first ,let’s cut your beard . Deepu says that you wanna become Kabaddi so you cut your hair I will not cut my beard.

When Dharma plays kabbadi for the first time , he plays so well that the coach Saheb got Happy and gives Dharma ₹1100 reward to Dharma.

Dharma was happy and goes home with a gift for his sister Babita. So Babita closes the door of the house seeing dharma and Dharma remained standing outside. And Babita starts crying inside the house. It started raining outside and Dharma waits for her sister all night there. But Babita does not open the door. As the dawn occurs Dharma goes from there.

Deepu asks dharma what will happen to this money? So Dharma says that with this money we will make our body. Dharma and deepu joins the gym. They started to build body and together they go on playing Kabaddi.

But Babita does not come to see.

a single match of Dharma and he yearns to see her sister everyday

Now Dharma puts his hands on the cross line than the powder on the cross line rise up in the air. Dharma gets bigger and his body was more huge than a wrestler. Dharma keeps playing for 4 years and gets selected in the national team.

To be continued..

Life Story Of A Vagabond In English Life Story Of A Vagabond In English

Story By :- Writer Mahesh Saini


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