ISC Full Form – Indian School Certificate

ISC Full Form

ISC Full Form – Indian School Certificate

The full form of ISC is “Indian School Certificate”.

IT refers to the higher secondary exam or 12th class exam conducted by “C.I.S.C.E.” or “Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations”.

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) is a privately held national-level board of school education in India that conducts the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and the Indian School Certificate Examination for Class X and Class XII respectively.

It is also recognised as a ‘Non-Governmental Board of School Education’ by the Constitution of India.

It was established in 1958. Over 2,300 schools in India and abroad are affiliated to the ‘C.I.S.C.E.’.

This Indian Council was set up on the grounds that a board was required to administer the examinations being conducted in India.
By the “University of Cambridge” and to optimally tailor them according to the nation’s need.

The future education policies were prepared under the aegis of the Cambridge University.

The Council has been so constituted as to secure suitable representation of:

Government of India,
State Governments, or
Union Territories in which there are Schools affiliated to the Council,
The Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education,
The Association of Indian Universities, the Association of Heads of Anglo-Indian Schools,
The Indian Public Schools’ Conference, the Association of Schools for the “ISC” Examination and members co-opted by the Executive Committee of the Council.

ISC Full Form – Indian School Certificate


In 1952, an “All India Certificate Examinations” Conference was held under the Chairmanship of honarable Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, (A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Azad) Minister for Education.

This set the agenda for the establishment of the Council.

The main purpose of the Conference was to consider the replacement of the overseas Cambridge School Certificate Examination by an All India Examination.

In October 1956 at the meeting of the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education, a proposal was adopted for the setting up of an Indian Council to administer the University of Cambridge,
And Local Examinations Syndicate’s Examination in India and, to advise the Syndicate on the best way to adapt its examination to the needs of the country.

The inaugural meeting of the Council was held on 3rd November, 1958.

In 1973, the Council was listed in the Delhi School Education Act 1973, as a body conducting “public” examinations.

In December 1967, the Council was registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.


The Council for the “Indian School Certificate” (I.S.C.) Examinations is committed to serving the nation’s children, through high quality educational endeavours, empowering them to contribute towards a humane.
just and pluralistic society, promoting introspective living, by creating exciting learning opportunities, with a commitment to excellence.

ISC Full Form – Indian School Certificate

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