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IG Full Form

IG Full Form – Inspector General

The word “I.G.” Stands for “Inspector General”

An Inspector General of Police “I.G.P.” is a senior police officer in the police force or police service of several nations.

The rank usually refers to the head of a large regional command within a police service, and in many countries refers to the most senior officer of the entire national police.

In During the British India era, the British Government introduced the Indian Councils Act 1861.

The act created a new cadre of police, called Superior Police Services, “S.P.S.” later known as the Indian Imperial Police “I.M.P.”.

The highest rank in the service was the Inspector General. “I.G.P.” Or “I.G.”.

Currently, in modern India, an Inspector General of Police “I.G.P.” is only an officer from Indian Police Service.

In a state, an “I.G.P.” holds the third-highest rank in the hierarchy, just below the rank of Additional Director General of Police and “Add. D.G.P.” above Deputy Inspector General of Police. “D.I.G.”.

IG-ranked wear Gorget patches on their collar.

Although it has a dark blue background which is similar to DIGs and SSPs, an oak leaf pattern is stitched on the patch; unlike DIGs and SSPs, which have a white line stitched on the patch.

IG stands for Inspector General of Police.

He or she is a senior police officer in the Indian police.

This designation refers to the head of a large regional command of the police service. An “IPS” officer who has completed 19 years of service can be promoted to become an IG.

IG Full Form – Inspector General

IG Full Form:

“I.G.” is responsible for the entire administrative management of the police force and has the command over the national police service and may perform functions as per the national legislation.

He exercises his powers such as regarding appointments, postings, promotions and suspension in accordance with the instructions and rules notified by the Govt.

Besides this, as per the police act, 1861, the “I.G.” of police has the full power of a Magistrate throughout the general police-district.

This power may vary as per the limitation imposed by the state govt.

To become the “I.G.”, you have to start from IPS and to become an I.P.S. officer you have to clear the “UPSC” exam first.

Thereafter, based on your experience and performance in your job, you can be promoted as “I.G.” within 10-14 years.

The “I.G.” is appointed for a single four-year term and cannot be appointed again.

IG Full Form – Inspector General

Functions or duties of an “I.G.”

“I.G.” of a zone serves as a link between the Director-General of Police and the District office.

• The “I.G.” can ensures co-operation between the police of various ranges or districts under his jurisdiction.

• HThe “I.G.” may control, advice or give instructions to DIGs and SP of his range to be aware and not to supersede one another in their assigned functions.

• “I.G.” mya pays attention to the training of Armed Reserves so that a high level of efficiency and discipline can be maintained in the police forces.

• The “I.G.” can overtake Range DIG and SP during an emergency and can take full control of the situation.

• The “I.G.” is also responsible for maintaining disciplines among officers of all designations.

• He shares copies of his tour programs with DGP, SP under him.

• The “I.G.” instructs officers under his post related to man-management and modesty in their conduct and behavior while performing their duties.

• The “I.G.” can guide and direct his range DIGs and Superintendents of Police in serious matters and can make personal enquiries in serious cases.

• The “I.G.” is authorized to have information of all serious cases related to misconduct of officers that are posted in his range.

Charu Sinha

Charu Sinha is an “I.P.S.” officer of Telangana Cadre.

She is the first woman has been appointed as Inspector General “I.G.” of “C.R.P.F.” in the Srinagar sector, one of the terrorist-hit areas in Jammu and Kashmir.

She has recently been appointed as the Inspector General of the Srinagar Sector for CRPF.

She had also worked in Kosovo on a UN ( UNITED NATIONS ) Peace Keeping Mission.

The Srinagar sector started fuctioning in 2005 and to be noted it never had a female officer at the “I.G.” level.

Charu Sinha has become the first female IPS officer who has been given this charge by the government.

A woman has been appointed as Inspector General of “C.R.P.F.” in the Srinagar sector, one of the terrorist-hit areas in Jammu and Kashmir.

Charu Sinha is going to head all operations involved in Sringar sector.

Charu Sinha, a 1996 batch Telangana cadre IPS, will head the Srinagar sector as the new “I.G.”. Earlier, she had worked as “I.G.” Bihar sector in “C.R.P.F.” to take on the naxals.

She had been on many such tough tasks earlier also, she had worked as “I.G.”, the Bihar sector in “C.R.P.F.” and has dealt with Naxals.

IG Full Form – Inspector General

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