Export Meaning In Hindi

Export Meaning In Hindi

Export Meaning In Hindi

वस्‍तुओं का निर्यात करना

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय व्यापार में निर्यात एक देश में उत्पादित एक Good’s या सेवा है जिसे दूसरे देश में बेचा जाता है।

ऐसी वस्तुओं और सेवाओं का विक्रेता एक निर्यातक है; विदेशी खरीदार एक आयातक है।


वस्तुओं या सेवाओं के निर्यात को शून्य-रेटेड आपूर्ति माना जाता है।

किसी भी तरह के सामान या सेवाओं के निर्यात पर जीएसटी नहीं लगेगा।

माल के निर्यात के लिए अक्सर ग्राहक अधिकारियों की भागीदारी की आवश्यकता होती है। क्रेता की दृष्टि से निर्यात एक आयात है।


छूट प्राप्त वस्तुओं के निर्यात के लिए इनपुट पर भुगतान किए गए कर के लिए पिछले कानूनों के तहत एक शुल्क वापसी प्रदान की गई थी।

इसके पहले शुल्क वापसी का दावा करना एक जटिल प्रक्रिया थी।

Exportation of goods often requires the involvement of customers authorities.

From the buyer’s point of view an export is an import.

An export in international trade is a good or service produced in one country that is sold into another country.

The seller of such goods and services is an exporter; the foreign buyer is an importer.

Export Meaning In Hindi



GST will not be levied on export of any kind of goods or services.

Claiming the duty drawback was a cumbersome process.


A duty drawback was provided under the previous laws for the tax paid on inputs for the export of exempted goods.

Many manufacturing firms begin their global expansion as exporters and only later switch to another mode for serving a foreign market.


The export of goods or services is considered as a zero-rated supply.


Export barriers are divided into four large categories:
operational/resource-based, and

Export Meaning In Hindi


While restrictive business practices sometimes have a similar effect, they are not usually regarded as trade barriers.

Exporting avoids the cost of establishing manufacturing operations in the target country.

The most common foreign trade barriers are government-imposed measures and policies that restrict, prevent, or impede the international exchange of goods and services.

Ownership advantages include the firm’s assets, international experience, and the ability to develop either low-cost or differentiated products.


Exporting may help a company achieve experience curve effects and location economies in their home country.


The locational advantages of a particular market are a combination of costs, market potential and investment risk.

In relation to the eclectic paradigm, companies with meager ownership advantages do not enter foreign markets.

Trade barriers are government laws, regulations, policy, or practices that protect domestically made products from foreign competition.

Internationalization advantages are the benefits of retaining a core competence within the company and threading it though the value chain rather than to license, outsource, or sell it.

Export Meaning In Hindi




Exports also has effect on the Economy. Businesses export goods and services where they have a competitive advantage.


Exporting requires significantly less investment than other modes, such as direct investment.

If the company and its products are equipped with ownership advantage and internalization advantage, they enter through low-risk modes such as exporting.



An exporter enlists various intermediaries to manage marketing management and marketing activities.



Size, knowledge of foreign markets, and unsolicited orders motivate firms to along specific dimensions (research, external, reactive).


Export’s lower risk typically reduces the rate of return on sales versus other modes.

The variety of export motivators can lead to selection bias.

This means they are better than any other country at providing that product or have a natural ability to produce either due to their climate or geographical location etc.

Exporting allows managers to exercise production control, but does not provide them the option to exercise as much marketing control.

Export Meaning In Hindi



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