Black Life A Magical Story – The Blind Man

Black Life A Magical Story

(Black Life A Magical Story – The Blind Man) This is the story of a boy who is of 22 years old. Father is was millionaire and mother – father had just one child…

One day as always he was sitting on a chair and waits for the school bus to come etc.

Getting ready for going in the party with his mom and dad…

He was a billionaire’s son so 8 mercedes benz was moving in a line while going to party.

After attending the party , they got attacked by the Missile….. The husband and wife were okay and not got that much injury during the accident but was killed in the fight with their rival… When the son came out from unconsciousness…. He was not knowing what was happening….

Ambulance comes and take the boy from there …

When he reaches the hospital his operation occurs… His eyes were damaged and he becomes blind…

Alex Watson:- blind man

John Watson:- Alex’s father

Amanda Smith:- Alex’s mother

Roger Fitch:- John’s secretary

Sara sharma:- Alex’s friend

Here we start…..

Black Life A Magical Story – The Blind Man

A few years ago

The story starts… Alex … Who is sitting at his home and playing game….

(He is very smart , intelligent and a good technician.)

He is having a home of very tight security because he is from one of those families whose names come in top rich people.

He is not allowed to play games but once he decides to do something  he is doing that… So while just sitting at home he developes a security system of his own, that also in the age of 15 and he hacked his full building security . And now whenever he wants he can play game in front and between of all without letting anyone know.

The only difficulty was that at home he could roam anywhere he wants but he wasn’t  allowed to go out of house because security was tight.

He was afraid of his father so he use to follow him as he says.

Their family buisness was spread very huge just like tata.

He was just in 10th standard….but sharp minded..

His father John Watson was a very kind man. He used to give plenty of donation to the school of their country that they started to look like a 5 star hotel .

Alex used to be frank with all at the school, never he shown to anyone that he was a billionaire , he used to hate money.

He used to go at a normal school , lived like normal people and was living a simple life.

 One day he saw that a new admission came to class. One girl who was so cute and beautiful, he started to take out the information and got to know that she was Indian and her name was Sara sharma.

Alex started talking with her and both became friends. Alex wanted to know more  about India so he started to learn Indian history day and night. 1947, 1857, Gandhi , nehru,kohinoor etc etc. Slowly slowly he started to understand all things.

Staying with sara in school time he started to speak good English, intelligent he was from first only . He learned 22 language in 2 years of time-span . Hindi , French , Urdu , English etc.

Sara was also a smart girl and both were expert  of technology.

One day on the occasion of diwali he was talking to sara . So he was talking in hindi, his father has just entered in the house and listened the voice.

They found something strange that from where was the sound of alex was coming…and in which language he was talking?…

John:- Alex.!

Alex:- yes father

John:- with whom are you talking.?

Alex :- from my friend sara…!

John :- In which language are you talking?

Alex:- hindi.!

John:-  when you have learned hindi?

Alex:- Sara taught me…!

John:- oh great…! Can you teach me?

Alex:- yes , of course, tell when i must teach you?

John:- Anytime you want..! Any day make me meet to your friend,

Alex:- really..?

John:- of course, why not, call her tonight at dinner.

Alex:-oh great…! I’ll just be calling  sara

Alex tells her friend the whole talk between his father and his and invited sara for dinner with full family.

Sara family listens this and gets happy. But they thinks that we are poor and they are rich.

After few time the whole family visits their house in their normal style.

At dinner time the family talks to each other and gets happy.

Sara goes with her family at home and goes to bed.

Alex is also ready to sleep …and was thinking about sara.

He got attracted towards sara not because she was a girl but it was something other.

At dinner time sara has done something like that he just became fan of her.

Alex just decided to keep an eye on her.

Actually at dinner time Sara’s spoon fall down … And sara with her hands movement controlled her spoon without touching it and kept it  on table.

This work she had done in between 25- 30 people and no one gets to know..!

Another day he goes to school and behaves normally..

And quietly keeps his eye on her….

Sara was also not knowing about any talk and she also behaves normally

Like that only 4 days goes but nothing happens…and then Alex decides to hack the security of the school and other places just like his house security …

He goes from school to the house and go to the play room of his childhood….

He has much many gift as if we count them then it would be a world record.. just only of gifted toys ..

He was going to his playroom then just his mother came and called him and says come on eat something ,you just came from your school…

Alex:- no mother, I am not hungry .

Mother:- okay then but do not disturb your father because he is busy in his own work..!

Alex:-  Father has not gone to office today?

Mother:- no he was not well today so he not went to office; he will work from home …

Alex:- okay.!

Alex’s listens to his mother and thinks that today father is at home so I should not take the risk today, Tomorrow i will do that.

Another day Alex gets up and get ready for school ..

Then he gets in the car and goes to  school.

When he was going to sit in the car then it starts raining., And he sits near the car window and started looking outside to view nature beauty..!

After going at some distance he notices that there are some children with their parents under the tree and are talking with them .

That time the car stops and he thinks  why the car stops ?

And then he notices that there was red signal .

Alex then watches the child and thinks that my life should be like that.!

It starts raining  heavily and the children starts getting wet ..!

In that much Alex starting running towards the children and the bodyguard follows him to catch Alex.

One security guard asking  that sir where are you going?

Alex:- can’t you see that I am going to help those children.

Alex goes running to them and says them you come with me with in my car, wherever you say I will drop you.

Those people was looking each other faces and after sometime one of those says thank you, let’s go.

All of them sit in the Alex’s car and goes from their. Alex’s this behaviour was looking strange to the guards and in their eyes a new sparkle comes , they all smile in their heart and thinks what a nice boy he is.

Alex’s ask those people that sir where you want to go.!

Then the person tells that he wanna go to govt school.

Alex:- oh! I am also studying there.

Alex started to talk with those small children.

After some time the school arrives, and Alex and children goes to school .

The children’s father says thanks to Alex and started going by walk. Then only Alex says that sir why are you going by a walk, my car will go empty so you go in my car.

The man accepts Alex request and goes in his car.

And this side Alex goes to class and meets with his friends.

After some time all the children reaches the school and school starts.

Alex was studying with full focus but accidentally he saw Sara’s seat and find she was not there.

He sees all around the class and finds that sara was sitting on his back last bench.

He started studying again and thinks that why she had changed the seat?

And he decides to talk to her at lunch time.

After sometimes lunch time comes and Alex goes to sara.

Alex asked sara that why she was sitting at last bench.

Then she replied that I found this subject boring so I was sitting backside.

Alex again asked that when she came to school in morning? I haven’t seen you while coming. Then sara says that I came here in front of you…. You were talking to your friends.

Then I also went outside then also you not seen me.

Next Part….

Black Life A Magical Story – The Blind Man Black Life A Magical Story – The Blind Man

Story :- Writer Mahesh Saini & Nitin Parashar


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